How You Can Fix A Broken I Phone 6 Screen In A Couple Of Minutes

How You Can Fix A Broken I Phone 6 Screen In A Couple Of Minutes

If you broke the screen on your i phone 6 and Apple basically an alternative, we can show you how to fix it yourself!

The i phone 6, like any other iPhone, is susceptible to the mishaps people mere humans. If you've discovered for yourself with a cracked or shattered screen, you've received a few options. If perhaps Apple isn't one of them, for whatever reason, a DIY repair is worth considering. Not just that, it can take less than 10 minutes, providing you have the right parts and tools for the job. That's where iMore comes in! Not simply can we show you where to find the best parts and tools, we'll walk you through all the repair, from learn to end!

Apple vs. DIY Fix

Before performing any DO IT YOURSELF repair, you should examine your options. For those that purchased AppleCare+ for their iPhone 6, go straight to an Apple Store or call 1-800-APL-CARE to schedule a mail-in repair. Your warrantee masks you just for this kind of incident, but it will surely cost you much less.

If you may have AppleCare+ but only have a minor split in your screen with out damage to the shape, Apple may still be your best option. Since writing this, Apple charges $109 plus tax (USD) to replace the display by using an iPhone 6. Merely be which if for some reason your i phone 6 fails Apple's tuned process or your framework is bent, they'll charge the full replacement price, which is currently at $299 plus tax.

Intended for those that don't live near an Apple Retail outlet and do not want to email in their iPhone 6th, DIY repair may be the right choice for you. There are a lot of reasons people choose DIY repair, including total cost. While Apple's replacement unit prices don't typically change, the cost to mend an iPhone drops drastically as the phone ages. The iPhone 6 is no exception so be certain to keep checking back on part costs. They can and will continue to fall.

If you've made the decision DIY is he best option for you for you, continue on!

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